About Dr. Kristy Hagar

Dr. Kristy Hagar, Ph.D. in Health Psychology/Behavioral MedicineDr. Kristy Hagar obtained her Ph.D. in Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine from the University of North Texas. She obtained her Master’s degree in School Psychology and worked as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology for several years before continuing on to doctorate studies. Dr. Hagar has been working with children, adolescents, and young adults for over thirty years. She has extensive experience working with a wide range of developmental and medical disorders including ADHD, Autism-spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, pediatric pain (including headaches, stomachaches), and medical conditions such as leukemia, Neurofibromatosis, epilepsy, and brain tumors.

Dr. Hagar completed her clinical psychology internship in Salt Lake City, Utah at Primary Children’s Medical Center. She completed post-doctoral training in developmental neuropsychology with Dr. Sam Goldstein at the Neurology, Learning, and Behavior Center in Salt Lake City. She has co-authored two books with Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Robert Brooks: Seven Steps to Help Your Child Worry Less and Seven Steps to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills. She has also authored a chapter on Pediatric Epilepsy in Children with Complex Medical Issues in the Schools: Neuropsychological Descriptions and Interventions. Dr. Hagar is a member of the American Psychological Association, Texas Psychological Association, and National Academy of Neuropsychology.