Services tailored to every stage of development


Dr. Hagar provides assessment, treatment, and consultation for a variety of developmental, psychological, or medical concerns.

Assessment services include:

  • Assessment of toddlers/preschoolers due to concerns about development or progress (including autism, language delay, behavioral problems, cognitive concerns) and provide recommendations for services and supports.
  • Neuropsychological or psychoeducational assessment of school age children and adolescents due to concerns about attention problems, learning disabilities, anxiety (especially social or test-related), lack of academic progress, and social or behavioral problems.
  • Assessment of young adults/college students for accommodations testing, updated assessment of previously identified diagnoses (e.g. dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, processing issues), and goals and strategies for advocacy in college or vocational settings.

Treatment services include:

  • Individual psychotherapy for children and adolescents, specializing in services for children with anxiety, school, learning, or social issues, and students with acute or chronic medical conditions.
  • Cognitive coaching strategies often complement sessions for students with organization difficulties, test-taking problems, cognitive efficiency, or working memory difficulties that often accompany conditions such as anxiety disorders, ADHD, or learning disabilities.
  • Biobehavioral coping strategies are taught through the use of biofeedback, deep breathing, relaxation, and guided imagery to assist children and adolescents coping with medical conditions (including headaches, stomachaches, medical disorders that cause pain) anxiety, worry, or stress.

Consultation services include:

  • School observation of students in the academic setting as part of the evaluative process and/or to identify and generate goals for treatment.
  • Consultation and collaboration with teachers and school administrators to identify the child’s needs in the academic setting and provide suggestions based on assessment results or therapeutic interventions.
  • Parent consultation always occurs within the context of working with a child or adolescent under the age of 18 participating in therapy or evaluation at Developmental Neuropsychology Services. Consultation to address learning, behavioral, or social issues may also occur without working directly with the child but predominantly or exclusively with parents to help provide them additional tools for their parenting tool kit.
  • Physicians or other professionals who referred the child or adolescent or who are regularly involved in their care (e.g. family physician, speech therapists, physical or occupational therapists, school counselors, academic coaches) should also be considered collaborative partners in helping your child, but your consent to contact these professionals will be obtained prior to any information being divulged about your child.